Kamis, 17 November 2011

Mangroves tree at Nusa Lembongan Island, Bali

            one of activity on the package tour lembongan island de mangrove & snorkeling tour is Visit the mangroves tree area. Mangroves are various kinds of tree up to medium height and shrubs that grow in saline coastal sediment habitats in the tropics & subtropics. There is Mangroves tree area at Nusa Lembongan Island. It Island is one of island in Bali province, near with Nusa Penida Island.

Mangroves tree area

What it is?
If you need answer, so visit the Island.

Will find with as!!!

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Sabtu, 12 November 2011

One Day Tour Bali

''Umi De Touch" 
This tour is to visit the eastern of Bali province
Start from Sanur to  Amed beach for snorkeling activity.

 Amed Beach view area  from the hill
 First, Snorkeling activity at Pondok Vienna Beach Cafe about 40 minutes.
Amed Beach area from Pondok Vienna Beach cafe

Snorkeling activity at the sea in Amed beach about 40 minutes

Second activity is snorkeling by traditional boat Jukung and getting luch at Divers Cafe.

Visit the Garam Cafe for seeing amed salt making place

Do trying pray as follow bali style at Pura Lumphuyang

Last activity,
Traditional cook by Nyoman Family. and Dinner with "Sate Lilit & Pepes fish" menu
This activity different memorial, the guest visit the traditional Nyoman house, meet with nyoman family, Nyoman Family is original balinese so they can cook traditional food of Bali. The guest joint with nyoman family for cooking the traditional food of Bali.next dinner together with Nyoman Family.

                                                      If want joint with as

PT.Bali Nature & Experience Tours
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The price of Umi De Touch is :
Only USD 88/adult
USD 50/child
Including :
transportation fee,insurance,Japanese speaking local guide, snorkeling equipment, Donation fee for pura lumpuhyang, lunch and dinner

Kamis, 10 November 2011

One day Tour Bali "The Touch"

"The Touch authentic experience tour"
Do you know about history of Bali?
Why Bali Hindu is a very special religion?
Come on Joint with our tour, you will find the answer it.
Only USD 78/adult and USD 50/child (5-11 years)
Lunch, drinks, Japanese speaking guide, transportation and insurance

This tour is visiting klungkung area.start from visiting Pura Gel-gel. Tour guide will be presentation about history of Pura Gel-gel and history of Balinese.then about think of Majapahit.

Pura Gel-gel
continue trip to see about sideman, making process arak, and kamasan painting.
kamasan painting by someone

see about making process arak at traditional house
this is Tenunan traditional
next to The Restaurant for getting lunch while see panorama ricefield
"Nasi Goreng" is  popular menu
This is Panorama rice field at restaurant
After lunch, continue to see making salty before enjoy with trip while see the Panorama.
The guest is seeing Panorama from Car of  Oji Club

Enjoy with Panorama and take a good picture
Continue trip visit the making salty
Process making salty
after see the process making salty, back to hotel /starting point
Tour is finished
Contact As :
PT.Bali Nature & Experience Tours
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Sanur, Bali
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Rabu, 09 November 2011

Bali Nature &Experience Tours: Pura Lempuyang De Sunrise Pray & Yoga Healthy Brun...

Bali Nature &Experience Tours: Pura Lempuyang De Sunrise Pray & Yoga Healthy Brun...: Our Trip on 3 of November 2011 This tour is visit the Karang Asem area. Karang Asem area is one of regency of Bali province, Indonesia . T...

Experience of Lembongan Island De Mangrove & Snorkeling Tour

Joint with One Day Tour in Bali
Lembongan Island De Mangrove & Snorkeling”
This is tour visit the Nusa Lembongan Island around at Bali province area. It’s near with Nusa Penida Island. Start from Sanur beach to Nusa Lembongan Island about 40 minutes by speed boat.
This is Nusa Lembongan Island area

One day tour have many activity at Nusa Lembongan island, if arrived at island, first the guest go to Mangrove tree area by Traditional car.

The guest transfer to mangrove tree area by Traditional car at Nusa Lembongan Island 
The mangrove activity, after finished the guest break at Made’s Café. For eating Fresh fish and banana juice.
This is Mangrove area
The Banana juice

The fresh fish from Nusa Lembongan Island
Next activity tour is Snorkeling activity about 40 minutes by motor boat. Before that, Tour guide staff from Bali Nature will be prepare the snorkeling set, wet suite and life jacket for the guest.
the guest will be joint with snorkeling activity, get off from motor boat to the see for snorkeling activity
After finished the snorkeling activity, continue to visit ware-ware restaurant for getting lunch while enjoy with Panorama around the Nusa Lembongan Island. and the guest swim at swimming pool.
this is traditional food, the name is "Nasi Campur" or  Mix Rice

the swimming pool at ware-ware restaurant

Lunch activity is finished so back to sanur beach and drop the guest to hotel/starting point.

If you want joint with our one day tour. You must pay 
only $ 98/adult and $ 60/child (from6-11 years)

start : 08.00 am and Finish : 17.00 pm
 Transportation fee,  Lunch, Insurance, Drink, Japanese Speaking Guide,  Snorkeling Set, Wet suite and Life jacket.

Don't forget our contact : 
PT.Bali Nature & Experience Tours
By Pass Ngurah Rai street No.277 
Sanur, Bali
Phone & Fax : 0361 270250
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Jumat, 04 November 2011

Pura Lempuyang De Sunrise Pray & Yoga Healthy Brunch at Alila Manggis

Our Trip on 3 of November 2011

This tour is visit the Karang Asem area. Karang Asem area is one of regency of Bali province, Indonesia. The history of Karang asem regency, This is regency founded in the early 1700’s, was still recognized as a kingdom even after Dutch conquest of Bali in the 1900’s. This regency still supports many traditions that have been in existence since the 14th century, having resisted the Javanese influence that invaded other regency of Bali.
First activity, pick up the guest from hotel and drop to office for preparing the tour. About 15 minutes. Our staff and tour guide prepare the equipment of pray at Pura Lemphuyang, drinks for guest and deposite money of tour. After that we direct to karang asem regency by car of Bali Nature & Experience Tours or Oji Club. Duration to visit  Karang Asem regency about 2 hours. Before get the Sunrise activity, we stop over in Candi beach cottage about 10 minutes. Then continue sunrise activity on the hill of karang asem area. We see the sunrise and get fresh air in the area.
Before the sunrise situation

The sun will be rise

After the sun rise situation

The sun rise situation

After finished the sunrise program, next visit the Pura Lempuyang for praying in there. Pura Lempuyang  is a sacred place for Hindus in Bali are located in the Eastern part of Bali, exactly in the Purahayu Village, District of Abang, Karang asem Regency. According to historical records, the temple is a place of Lempuyang Luhur Içwara Gods who are in the eastern parts of the wind Bali. He is a manifestation of Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa. There are a number of steps that must be traversed by tourists or anyone who wants to visit Pura Lempuyang Luhur. This stage begins from the Pura Agung Lempuyang Upgrading a building with Balinese architecture, then Telaga Mas Temple and Telaga Sawang temple, both the temple is believed to have a cleansing function for anyone who wants to the summit. The next stage is Lempuyang Madya Temple, Puncak Bisbis Temple, Agung Lempuyang Market and finally Lempuyang Luhur Temple as the culmination of a series of travel. The interesting thing and special of Lempuyang Luhur Temple is tirta (holy water) located in the group of bamboo that grows in the area of the Luhur Temple. For tourists who want to see the beauty of Mount Lempuyang, we have to climb more than 1,700 steps, at the moment on the path to the top of that we are in offering cool air from forests that are still beautiful and more unique. The things that have to be prepared is the physical endurance and pure conscience. Also there are some restrictions that should not be saying rude when traveling, people in a state of mourning (no family who died, and others), menstruation and breastfeeding women, small children who have not broken their milk teeth should not be used to enter temples or worship to the temple local. Taking or eating pork was also not allowed to enter the Lempuyang Temple.
The guest pray and see the situation at Pura Lempuyang. Before enter to Pura Lempuyang, the tour guide talk to guest about the History and regulation in the Pura lempuyang. And next pray program in there. If you are non Hindu, so you only see the situation and take picture in the Pura lempuyang. About 1 hour at Pura lempuyang.

                                       This is Pura Lempuyang area

                     The guide tell to guest about history & regulation of Pura Lempuyang

 First step for pray
                                      The Guest is praying at Pura Lempuyang

                The Guest get spiritual water from Pemangku (leader of Hindu Religion)

Next The trip back to Candi beach cottage for get breakfast. Breakfast program about 30 minutes, and then continue to Yoga Healthy program about 2 hours. The guest joint the yoga activity by yoga teacher, many yoga mode teach by yoga teacher to the guest along the Yoga Healthy program.

                                              Yoga Activity at Candi beach cottage
After finished the Yoga healthy program, next the tour is get lunch at Alila Manggis. About 1 hour. then after the guest finished lunch, the guest drop to hotel and the tour is finished. Our trip is very nice.  

The Prices is USD 149/person
Including : transportation fee,insurance,local guide, healthy brunch at Alila manggis, Yoga class, Bali coffee and snack, fruit, donation for pray and sarung.

Selasa, 05 Juli 2011

seeing Sunrise in Galungan + Yoga

Galungan is the most celebration day in Bali. All of Balinese in Bali doing ceremony by making penjor, Banten, and go to temple. Penjor is some decoration thing that place in front of entering door in each house in bali. Penjor is symbolism of dragon tail. which dragon? Balinese people belived that the island Bali protecting by a dragon called NAGA BASUKI placed in agung mountain ( the highest mount in Bali). they belived if they make a penjor naga basuki also protect their house. Banten is all the thing of offering which consist of fruits, cake, and small decoration.
Galungan is the victory of goodness than badness. 
there 3 sequal days on Galungan; Penampahan daya, galungan day, and manis galungan day.
penampahan is day for balinese to prepare all the of ceremony stuff. they will make food, cakes, and arrage fruit in some plate to bring at tomorrow in galungan day.
In galungan day, balinese people bring the offering to the temple with families and getting pray, first in family temple and then to bigger temple. they asking for blessing of this goodness day, wish prosperitty and happiness not only for them self and also for all people in earth. 
manis Galungan is some kind of a new day after Galungan day. usually the balinese people will go to other big temple in Bali that they rarely to visit. 
the activity of Balinese people in galungan day very crowded. usually the balinese that living in other localty will back to village and celebrating galungan with family.its would start early in the morning until evening.

seeing sunrise in galungan could be a new experience for you. seeing balinese people activity when they doing pray and fell the spirit of new day of goodness victory than badness. 
then finish the journey with yoga....it would some kind of spiritual tour that you can served.
on this trip you will go to lempuyang mountain, seeing sunrise, then pray as Balinese style, then doing yoga.
the price only US$149/pax, included local guide, healty brunch at alila manggis, yoga class, Bali coffe, snack and fruits, donation for temple.
contact us on info.ojitours@gmail.com