Jumat, 08 April 2011

Lembongan Today

Lembongan island
Do you ever hear about Lembongan? where lembongan is? what you can do there? and how it is look like?
white sand beach
If you are love to do traveling, surfing, snorkeling, diving, and also looking for white sand beach. here the best place that ever can we recomend for you. Actually, Lembongan is part of Bali islands, called 'Nusa penida'. its can be reach on 45 minute from Sanur beach by speed boat. On the way to Lembongan, you will see a beautiful background view of mount Agung from the sea. This island is very different form in many way from other island.
mangrove tour
 Lembongan belong to lime land from such of big coral that become an island. Some part of the island is mangrove forest. you can explore and learn about the ecology of fish and nature here. mangrove is kind of plant that can live in salty water, and also give life to other organism around him. why it can be?it a amazing plant! you have to join our trip and see it by yourself.

all around of Lembongan are coral. you can do snorkeling here, and also diving.
many kind of fish can you see direct to your eyes. you can touch and try to catch the fish by your hand -although its going hard way cause the fish will running- and take of photos.
seaweed farmer
people of Lembongan live by selling seaweed. they were smiling nice people. try to say 'hai' to them! the seaweed will proceed become cosmetic. there was green, red, and white. its tasted so nice.