Minggu, 17 April 2011

Touch Tour

Do you ever exploring Bali more deeply?
seeing the Balinese daily activity?
here TOUCH TOUR that would give a change to know about Bali in such different way!
The tour take a part in many places; Gel-gel temple, Kamasan village, Sidemen, Bukit selat, and the end, at Kusamba. sound busy trip dint you?
YES!! First we are going to gel-gel Temple. why this temple?
The temple is such of historical of Hinduism in Bali. Most of Balinese people are refugee which came from Majapahit kingdom in Java. When dissemination of  Moslem concept being popular, then Java kingdoms changed, people who's disagreed departed to Bali and made a new one Kingdom called Gel-gel which dominated Bali from perhaps the early 16th century to 1686.There are no traces left today of the old royal palace and The temple were remnant of it. here you will see an architecture, and similar layout of temple in Javanese past kingdom concept which 3 side layout from ahead until end of temple. 
you will looking a twin Beringin trees in entry side, bale-bale on medium side called 'madya' and the main side which balinese people getting pray and give offering called 'Utama'.

Then we going to Kamasan village, about 30 minute north from gel-gel. The various 'traditional' styles of painting on modern Bali are derived from the Kamasan style, which in turn takes it patterns from ancient Java.  Historically, artists from Kamasan were used by the many King courts that existed on Bali up to the early twentieth century.  

Sidemen village located at the valley, surround of many hill and most of the area is a paddy fields that irrigate by Subak, the Balinese traditional water system for rice field. on this spot, we are going to see process of making famous drinking of Bali ' ARAK'. It come from steam coconut tree essence which boiled for about 8 hours. And also we can see process of making Balinese cloth with old or traditional ways.Then having lunch while seeing terace of rice field. 

having lunch

on Bukit Selat you will see a greatest view of Bali over sea. 

and if we were lucky, we can see Balinese dance by Gek Dayu which living in Bukit selat neighborhood.and the last spot of trips, we will see the beach to observe the making process of salt at Kusamba. and might on out of plan, we gonna see Balinese ceremonial while moving of the trip spot.  

Bali is exposes of mystery thing surrounded, lets enjoy it with us, found your Balinese side by your own!! 

Price; $78/ Pax, Child (5-11) $50/pax
Rate including; Lunch& drink, donation for temple