Senin, 04 Juli 2011

Galungan feast day

on 6th July 2011 The Balinese celebrate Galungan day, 
Galungan is the victory day of goodness over badness.Galungan marks the beginning of the most important recurring religious ceremony  that is celebrated by all Balinese at the same time. Galungan happen every 210 days in calender of Bali this year Galungan day fall 6th july 2011, and always in Wednesday.
This is the time where families are busy preparing offerings and cooking for the next day. Days before, women create beautifully woven ‘banten‘ consists of fruits, cakes, and foods. On Wednesday, the day of Galungan, one will find that most Balinese will try to return to their own ancestral home at some stage during the day, even if they work in another part of the island. This is a very special day for families, where offerings are made to God and to the family ancestors who have come back to rest at this time in their family temple. As well as the family temple, visits are made to the village temple with offerings as well, and to the homes of other families who may have helped the family in some way over the past six months.They bring the offering to the temples with all family members and neighborhood. They going to temple to getting blessing and believe this is day of goodness. 
you can join our trip to the temples, which the trip called THE TOUCH, you will going to Gel-gel temple, tenganan village looking for balinese cermonial activity, then getting lunch at terrace rice field.

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