Rabu, 06 April 2011

Lembongan Adventure

Lembongan Island is located 40 minutes away from Sanur and can be accessed by Speed Boat. This island is very different in many ways compared to the main island of Bali. However, Lembongan is part of the island of Nusa Penida which includes into Klungkung regency. The traditional fisher mans life style is still very common amongst of people on the island. 
Lembongan Adventure trip will take you through Mangrove forest by traditional wood boat. The ecology of mangrove is unlike other plants. Perhaps, you think “mangrove” is the name of tree. Actually, the mangrove is the name of the forest growing in the tropical salty-wetland. There are over 100 kinds of trees called mangrove. The tree on left picture is “Bruguiera gymmorrhiza.” It has cute pink flower. We can see Other kind of “Rhizophoraceae,” tooThey can live inside sea water where as other plants cannot because of the salty water. We will explain in depth on how and why mangroves live on sea.
After finishing the tour in Mangrove Forest, we will move on to snorkeling. Many beautiful corals as well as tropical fishes will be awaiting you! An explanation of the corals and the global warming will be given throughout the activity.

We hope by the end of this whole tour many of you will go home with the understanding of Mangrove forest and coral and how important they are to our lives and to our Earth. 
 Lunch will be served after the snorkeling. While waiting for lunch to be served the guest may enjoy swimming in the pool and enjoy the beautiful view of Lembongan Island. We will depart from Lembongan Island around 15:00.
Price $98/pax,Child(7~11) $60/pax (8hours trip)
Rate including: Snorkeling equipment, wet suite, lunch (including: 1 drink), mineral water
What to bring: swimwear,sandals,changed clothing,towel