Selasa, 05 Juli 2011

seeing Sunrise in Galungan + Yoga

Galungan is the most celebration day in Bali. All of Balinese in Bali doing ceremony by making penjor, Banten, and go to temple. Penjor is some decoration thing that place in front of entering door in each house in bali. Penjor is symbolism of dragon tail. which dragon? Balinese people belived that the island Bali protecting by a dragon called NAGA BASUKI placed in agung mountain ( the highest mount in Bali). they belived if they make a penjor naga basuki also protect their house. Banten is all the thing of offering which consist of fruits, cake, and small decoration.
Galungan is the victory of goodness than badness. 
there 3 sequal days on Galungan; Penampahan daya, galungan day, and manis galungan day.
penampahan is day for balinese to prepare all the of ceremony stuff. they will make food, cakes, and arrage fruit in some plate to bring at tomorrow in galungan day.
In galungan day, balinese people bring the offering to the temple with families and getting pray, first in family temple and then to bigger temple. they asking for blessing of this goodness day, wish prosperitty and happiness not only for them self and also for all people in earth. 
manis Galungan is some kind of a new day after Galungan day. usually the balinese people will go to other big temple in Bali that they rarely to visit. 
the activity of Balinese people in galungan day very crowded. usually the balinese that living in other localty will back to village and celebrating galungan with family.its would start early in the morning until evening.

seeing sunrise in galungan could be a new experience for you. seeing balinese people activity when they doing pray and fell the spirit of new day of goodness victory than badness. 
then finish the journey with would some kind of spiritual tour that you can served.
on this trip you will go to lempuyang mountain, seeing sunrise, then pray as Balinese style, then doing yoga.
the price only US$149/pax, included local guide, healty brunch at alila manggis, yoga class, Bali coffe, snack and fruits, donation for temple.
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